February 17, 2023

45-Star T-shirt Price Increase

At 45R, guided by our philosophy of “‘Feel-good’ clothes to enrich your daily life,” we begin our monozukuri (manufacturing) by spinning yarn from the finest raw materials. For our 45-Star T-shirt, that means Zimbabwe cotton, our leading raw material for many years.

Zimbabwe cotton is beloved by our customers around the world. The hand-picked fibers have a comforting soft texture, and the finished fabric adapts to the body over repeated wash and wear cycles. Its unique body and energy are proof of its origins as a hardy, vital crop grown in areas with strong winds and dry air.
However, Zimbabwe cotton producers are facing harsher conditions, and harvests are falling.

This price rise will let us maintain our connection to these producers by buying the cotton we need at a fair price. It will reduce the burden on them and ensure that we can continue our monozukuri well into the future.

We will continue selecting the finest raw materials and pursuing our uncompromising approach to monozukuri in order to bring you “feel-good” clothes. We are also exploring wonderful new possibilities around raw materials, and we are sure you will enjoy the next chapter in our monozukuri story.
Thank you for your ongoing support.

Price Increase Timing
From March 2023.
For details of the price rise, please contact your local or national 45R store.