Hokkaido hon-urake stadium

The classic varsity or award jacket began as a badge of honor for American college athletes.
Most are made of Melton wool and leather, but we decided a stadium jacket-style version would be more 45R.
This Hokkaido hon-urake cotton fleece stadium jacket is proof of our achievements over the past 45 years.

  • Blouson

  • Sweatshirt

45R’s Hokkaido hon-urake cotton fleece is a super-high-performance material that no one would guess is 100% cotton.
It keeps warm air in and cold winds out, with elasticity and density rivalling that of mouton leather.
To create this material, as springy as a fresh-pounded mochi rice cake, we run an old loop-wheel knitting machine very slowly.
Functionality trumps productivity in our never-ending quest to make clothes that feel good to wear.

The bold R or Y on each garment’s breast is executed in puffy Sagara embroidery,
and the sleeves are proudly emblazoned with sailor lines and anchor patches. You’ll have the sea by your side wherever you go.

Both stadium jumper and sweatshirt were limited to 405-piece production runs,
and each garment is embroidered with a unique serial number.
These are special pieces to celebrate our 45-year tale.