In 1991, jeans were made in the USA or by major manufacturers.
For a young brand like ours to create jeans from scratch, starting from the choice of cotton, was completely unthinkable…

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“Enrich people’s daily living by offering ‘feel-good’ clothes”:
this is 45R’s monozukuri (manufacturing) philosophy. After decades of pursuing this ideal, we’re more committed to it than ever. Our approach to T-shirts has deepened in the same way…

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T-shirts, jeans, bandanas: the 45R trinity. As passionate as we are about T-shirts and jeans, we’re no less devoted to the humble bandana…

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Hayama monogatari

The ocean has inspired our creative process for many years now. In September 2022, we will open a new flagship store in Hayama, a coastal city south of Tokyo. Look for our Hayama Monogatari (“Hayama Story”) line in April 2022, featuring Hayama-related characters along with T-shirts, fleeces, and other garments designed to deepen in character with every wash, as if worn with love in the brisk sea breeze.

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