Collection Spring 2023

二〇二三 はる


The first thing I should mention about our 2023 Spring catalog is the greater use of Supima organic cotton. Supima has been our cotton of choice for Super Gauze and certain other lines for many years, but Zimbabwe cotton has always been 45’s star material. By bringing Supima up onstage as well, we can offer a broader range of garments than ever.
Broader, of course, doesn’t mean going against 45R’s longstanding basic policy of avoiding needless form factor additions. Our goal with this move was to enrich our line of standards, our “precious things,” by making classic garments available in new materials.
We were drawn to Zimbabwe cotton because it is dry and hard, which makes it a pleasure to wear as it changes over the years. Supima has its own unique character. Considered the highest-quality cotton of all, it is glossy, with long fibers, and offers a supple, refined finish. Because we are a casual brand, we have adopted Supima for two of the three pillars of our enterprise: T-shirts and bandanas. The tea master Juko called “blurring the boundaries between Chinese and Japanese” the ultimate practice of wabi-cha, and “blurring the boundaries” is certainly a theme for our garments. Supima organic cotton makes it easier to create clothes that combine the casual with the elegant.
Our third pillar is, of course, denim. Here, too, we have an innovative offering this spring: a new color called Kageiro Nando. Seeking a hue between ink and indigo, a true blurring of the boundaries, we carried out countless experiments until we had a result that satisfied us. Kageiro Nando is an exquisitely subtle color. Its indigo lurks within a shadowy gray that holds fast at the core even after prolonged wear.
From Supima organic cotton to Kageiro Nando, we hope you enjoy these offerings of the beauty and cultural riches to be found at boundaries.
Shinji Takahashi