Collection Autumn 2022

二〇二二 あき


I previously spoke about the opening of the flagship store in Hayama. I have also decided to open another one in Kamakura pairing the one in Hayama. Hayama represents the “Ocean” and Kamakura represents the “Mountain”. “Ocean and Mountain” have always been two major themes of 45R’s clothes making. I intended to make it very clear to anyone’s eyes of those themes in the form of “stores” in 2022, during the time of our 45th anniversary.
Hayama store looks like a lighthouse. On the other hand, the store in Kamakura is designed after a horse barn. Horse has been an important icon for 45R all these years. There are reasons why that is, which include my preference of the noble appearance of a horse as an animal, the gentle eyes that I adore, the legend I am attracted to of Shotoku Taishi who was born in a horse barn, and the location of the previous flagship store (Badou-R) having been on a horse trail leading to water in the old days. Although I say a horse barn, I wish it to be an open and calm space like the corridor of Horyu-ji Temple.
Covid-19 pandemic gave me the opportunity to reevaluate how stores should be. The environment is of the utmost importance than anything else to improve the quality of experience and time spent at the stores. What makes the right environment for 45R’s clothing is nature, after all. I hope the stores in Hayama and Kamakura together with 45R’s clothing will bring you back the sense of nature/wildness that tends to be lost in the city life.
Shinji Takahashi