Collection Spring 2022

二〇二二 はる


45rpm studio will celebrate the 45th anniversary of its founding in the year 2022. I have been preparing to enjoy the year like “a year-long festival” since the 45th happens only once.
The festival will start on April 5th. The Hayama store will be opened on September 8th. Then, the festival will finally come to an end on January 23rd of the following year. The main event is the new Hayama store (the main store of “Ocean”) that will be built by the beach which looks like a lighthouse at a glance. In addition, the brand Yasumi Inoue handled about 30 years ago, 「P?te ? chou」, will make a comeback for one year only. We will publish a book. Twelve subgroups have been established and they have been working on the projects.
To head start the “festival”, the theme for Spring 2022 is decided on “Treasure”. The carefully selected “Standard” items are being closely examined and will be the center of the collection. The gender separation between men and women is eliminated and the unisex will be the norm. The number of styles decreases by half. On the other hand, the range of available sizes increases by a large amount. We prepare the largest size large enough to fit a Sumo wrestler for denim pants and T-shirts. Additionally, almost all the other items are available in a wide range of sizes from 0 (women’s XS) to 5 (men’s XL), which is rare to find in any other fashion brands.
The reason behind the concept is that size preferences differ by each individual. That is natural. However, even the same person chooses a different size depending on how he/she feels at each moment. If available sizes are limited, then, the brand would become the one that “chooses customers” who would wear it. As it has been repeatedly mentioned, the motto of 45R is to make clothing for people regardless of “age, gender and nationality”. 45R always carries my size no matter what happens to my size and my size preferences - I would feel grateful if you feel assured in such a way. And that assurance, I feel, shall be the true standard.
Shinji Takahashi