Ai Indigo is our 45R soul color. More like soul itself. We have started to create denims in 1991. Why denims? That is because they are loved by various generations from all over the world. Back then, it was considered to be impossible for a small company like us to make our original denims. Lots of fabrics and quantities were needed. Now 45R denims are original even from thread, weaving, and colors. We wanted to be proud and be able to say “these denims were our original” when making and selling them. We named the first indigo color we made “Nando-Iro.” We were inspired by the fading color of Ai-dyed kimono. We love such aging colors. Ai and Indigo become more beautiful as the time goes by, and the color would turn out to various colors based on the people who wear it. We are delighted to see such change. We opened our store in NY in 2000. That is when we started our Ai-dyed denim. We were the first in the world to make Ai-dyed denims. People began to call it the “Premium Jeans” and it is said that Ai-dyed denim has changed the concept of “denims.” They had been considered to be cheap mass-produced products. We have heard that some people in other countries call our store as the “Indigo Shop.” We were glad to know that our soul color was known for the signature color of 45R. You will not find any Ai or Indigo colors that are the same. Each year they show us unique faces. In that sense, they are once-in-a-lifetime colors. There will be no end in pursing our soul color. As we seek after our souls, we will continue to make Ai, Indigo-dyed garments.