45R Ocean & Town & Country: 45-Year Tale


We aim to enrich your daily living by offering “feel-good” clothes.

This is the starting point for all we do:
a simple philosophy that drives our single-minded artisanal dedication.
Our history has also been a journey in search of new possibilities for indigo.

2022 marks the 45th anniversary of 45R, which was founded in a room in Daikanyama in 1977.
Your patronage has made this possible, and we are sincerely grateful.
For this truly once-in-a-lifetime anniversary,
we have chosen the theme “Ocean & Town & Country: A 45-Year Tale.”
Look forward to a selection of clothes that feel better than ever,
created more in the 45R spirit than ever before,
as we step into Chapter Two of our story.

We hope you will stay for the ride as our journey continues.
Now begins our 45-Year Tale.
Yoi, yoi?yoi, don!


45 philosophies starting with R, formulated to celebrate 45 year anniversary


45 philosophies starting with R, formulated to celebrate 45 year anniversary


March 18,2022Released “Hayama Monogatari”
February 21, 2022Released information of 45-Year Tale collection “Bandana”
February 21, 2022Released 45R’s Monozukuri “Bandanas”
February 9 , 2022Released information of 45-Year Tale collection “Jeans”
February 9 , 2022Released 45R’s Monozukuri “Jeans”
January 22, 2022Ocean & Twon & Country: A 45-Year tale: Special webpage has been released

45-Year Tale Collection

Jeans, T-shirts, and bandanas: Throughout 45R’s history, these have been our “cherished things,” constantly evolving in materials, shape, and design. Some differences may seem minor, but the little details add up to major differences over the lifetime of a beloved garment. This is the power of 45R’s monozukuri. To celebrate our 45th anniversary, we are curating a collection of these pieces featuring all-new recipes, designs, and ideas.

45R Photo Book: 四十五有

Our 45-year story in seven photo-filled chapters?one for each of the seven seas. The 45R photo book 四十五有 (Yonju-go aru, suggesting both the name 45R and the declaration “Here Stands 45R”) documents our history and way of life over the past 45 years. On sale April 5, 2022.

  • (180 pages/226×300 mm)

  • Back cover with 45R’s original fabric

  • Chapter 1: AI INDIGO

  • Chapter 2: ELEMENTS

  • Chapter 3: 45 CLASSICS

  • Chapter 4: MEMORABILIA

  • Chapter 5: YASUMI INOUE

  • Chapter 6: HOUSE OF INDIGO

  • Chapter 7: NEKKO FAMILY (Pre-Order Exclusive)

Hayama Monogatari

The ocean has inspired our creative process for many years now. In September 2022, we will open a new flagship store in Hayama, a coastal city south of Tokyo. Look for our Hayama Monogatari (“Hayama Story”) line in April 2022, featuring Hayama-related characters along with T-shirts, fleeces, and other garments designed to deepen in character with every wash, as if worn with love in the brisk sea breeze.


Date Event Venue
19th May
- 1st June
20th - 29th May