Manzoku Atelier

Stories around garment making at 45rpm

A special workshop available only for 45fuku club members.
Old clothes that are filled with fond memories - you don't wear them anymore, but you don't want to discard them. We will revive your precious clothes. We think that good clothes are the ones you can continue to wear. Please enjoy the service.

This is how Manzoku Atelier works.

1. Please bring your items to 45R shops

Please bring in the 45rpm items you would like us to remake. After a consultation between you and our staff, we will speak with the workshop staff, checking the remake ideas and prepare a quotation.
In addition, Manzoku atelier counter is on the headquarter office first floor.
* One item per customer for one remake order.

  • Changing the silhouette
  • Re-sizing
  • Re-coloring

* We can suggest many other ways of remaking, please consult with our staff.

2. Sending quotation

We will provide you with our quotation while confirming the details of remake, before we start remaking.
We may ask you to have yet another consultation depending on your request.
Even when we accept your items for quotation, we may not be able to honor your request.

3. Remaking

Workshop staff will remake your items into new items with great care.

4. Completion of remake

We will contact you when your remade items are ready.
We will return the remade items to you upon a payment at the store these items were accepted to.

Care Introduction

1. Resizing

How about if you can wear your favorite clothes in your perfect size?
We are very happy to alter the purchased products at our stores in length and width.

Price Reference
Alteration for jackets and shirts 1,000JPY+tax
Alteration for pants 500JPY+tax

2. Repair

It is for to be worn for a long time. We have prepared appropriate sales-after care.

Price Reference
A hole or a rip 1,000JPY+tax

3. Makeover

Your longtime items taken care of might have less chances to be dressed by any changes of fashion or habits.
Would you makeover it to the new piece of clothes before making it slept in the closet?
For example, the size of t-shirt from adult to kid, the dress to two-piece, and more variety of ideas will be proposed by our staff at Manzoku Atelier.
Other example of usage are also available on our store blog.

4. Caution regarding of cares

・The color unevenness may occur on the re-dyed items by usage condition.
・There may be some items that we cannot accept the order for any care introduced above.
Leather products/Makeover referred to other brands/
makeover from clothes to accessories, or accessories to clothes/
re-dye of products made of wool, nylon, or any other products other than white color.

* For more information of 45fuku club, please click HERE.

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