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45fuku club

45fuku club is our hospitality to strengthen our connection with our customers and present you with our gratitude.
45rpm hopes to bring happiness to our customers. This is because your happiness is our happiness. We want to bring to you「福」(fuku, happiness) with「服」(fuku, garment). This is the reason we named the club 45fuku (yoifuku). We look forward to you joining the club.

The membership for 45fuku club is free and the application is accepted at our stores & Online Store.
Please inquiry at our nearest 45R store for more details.

1. We will provide you with seasonal information that makes you happy

◎News on seasonal clothing
Our store staff will send you news on the upcoming clothes for the season.

◎Event news
We will send you information on events including our festivals held quarterly at 45R flagship stores. Please let our staff know if you are interested in receiving our mailings.

◎45fuku club newsletter
We will send you our latest news by e-mail. Please provide us with your e-mail address.

2. We have special services for customers who spend over 300,000 yen per year. These services include:

Ochugen and Oseibo - Seasonal gifts

< Ochugen - Bon festival gift >
Every July, we have our original special Bon festival gift. In 2018, we’d like to give you our special organic cotton towel. Every year, we will have a different Bon festival gift. Please look forward to it.
< Oseibo - Year-end gift >
Every December, a special 45rpm calendar.

※The target from April 1st to the end of March of the previous year.
※Purchase of sale price is not covered.
※This may change with time.

3.Repair free service of standard denim for 4.5 year.

◎4.5 year repair-free denim (For 45fuku club customers only.)

The customer service for buying the denim “SORAHIKO”, “AIHIKO”,”SUPIMA ORGANIC AI DENIM” From 5th April 2017. The term is 4 years and 6 month from the date of purchase.

4. We will repair or remake your special clothes

◎Manzoku Atelier

You have clothes that are filled with fond memories, and you cannot discard them. Manzoku Atlier is a special workshop where such garments can be revived. Please see HERE for more details.

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